Co-operative Democracy at Central Co-op

Co-op Democracy Central

Welcome to Co-op Democracy Central

This site was created to provide a comprehensive context for member-owners of Central Co-op who want to learn more about the petition calling for vote to remove two trustees, and for all interested workers, shoppers, and community members who want to be well informed.

Please read more about the allegations here

We encourage Central Co-op members to participate responsibly, asking questions and getting information before taking action.

Kristina Kokonis and Claudia Kienholz served on the Central Co-op Board of Trustees that successfully led the Co-op through two years of leadership transition to the hiring of a new general manager, and into the best position it has been in for many years.

Owners with concerns about the Co-op have every right to present them to the Board, to ask for investigation and response, in a constructive and respectful manner.

Requiring Central Co-op to hold a Special Meeting and conduct an additional vote will require a significant expense of Co-op time, labor and money.  We believe that a recall vote will not benefit the Co-op and these resources could be better spent for the greater good of the Co-op.

Listed below are Central Co-op Owners; signing in opposition to the recall. Please feel free to add your name to this Statement of Support.

Scott McClay, member/owner 1982-present, worker 1992-99

Ruby Phillips, member since the beginning of the co-op, and former staff member/produce manager (1984 – 86)

Timothy Turner

Gary Moresky,  Board, 1978. Staff, 1978-80. Member/owner 1978-present.

Brian Kosewski

Donna Lewen, member/owner since about 1986, former in-store volunteer

Carla Curio, Member/owner 2010-present

Melissa Sokolowski

Jordan Van Voast, member/owner since about 2002

Chris Ruffini

Roger Wechsler, Founding organizer of Central Co-op, 1978; Member, Board of Trustees, 1978-1980

Katha Dalton

John Andrew, Founding organizer – 1978; Member, Board of Trustees, 1978-1980. Member/owner 1978-present.

Jennifer Gould 

Greg Vinson, owner for about 30 years, former member of the Product Issues Committee; former in-store volunteer

Max T. Walsh

Rick Harlan, member/owner since about 1998

Sarah Weber

David Kositsky, member/owner since 1978

Deann Thompson 

Emily Arfin organizer of Central Co-op, 1978; Member, Board of Trustees, 1978-1980; member/owner, 1978-present

Stacey Torress

Lesli Dalaba

Stefanie Brendler,  owner # 4043408

Robby Barnes/Sylvie Kashdan,  owners since 1980s

Jen Hydrick, owner and former deli worker

Tamara Myers

Garth L’Esperance

Wendy Somerson